Success Achievements

The 2019 Year 12 ATAR results have arrived at the school.

I am delighted with the results achieved by the students.  Many have gained direct entry into university.

The median ATAR was 63.65, up from 53.6 in 2018.

Our highest achieving student scored an ATAR of 95.95.

I want to congratulate all the students, the staff who through hard work and dedication supported them to achieve these great results, and to the parents/carers for working in partnership with the school to ensure the students had every opportunity for success.

Along with these great ATAR results I know there are many General/VET students who have gained apprenticeships, other employment and some have successful defence force applications with entry dates already set.

We work hard each day at Northam SHS to achieve the best teaching and learning environment for our students so they have every opportunity for success and this is an example of that work.

Marisa Del Pin