Vision & Values

A Community United


We work together as a community building positive, honest and connected relationships that ensure all students grow to become contributing members of their present and future communities.

Our STUDENTS agree and commit to:


  • Leading others in a positive way. We do not have to follow the negative behaviour of others.
  • Being a positive risk taker and not being afraid of failure.
  • Valuing others by accepting responsibility for our mistakes.
  • Speaking the truth.


  • Communicating clearly and regularly
  • Being determined in our efforts at school by being confident, willing and motivated
  • Displaying a friendly, positive attitude by listening, not being judgemental and not swearing
  • Leaving no person out by including everyone in what we do, being open minded and respectful


  • Talking positively about our school
  • Wearing our school uniform with pride
  • Not disrupting other student’s learning opportunities.


  • Getting to know others by meeting and interacting with students from other social groups and year levels
  • Communicating with people positively
  • Socialising at school at the right time and place – not always during a lesson
  • Always speak respectfully